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September 1, 2014

How to Configure WLS Domains with Cross Domain Security Credentials

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Cross domain security is used to allow the user in one domain to access resources within another domain. It differs from Global Domain Trust in that it only allows access from specified users within a domain, where as Global Domain Trust assumes all connections from that domain are trusted.

There are some limitations in what can be accessed using Cross Domain Security. This and much os the detail around Domain security is discussed in the documentation here  ?

This document simply gives step by step instructions on how to setup a simple Cross Domain User, capable of accessing either domain.

Firstly, Cross Domain Security needs to be enabled in both domains. In fact all of the steps given here need to be repeated within both domains.

Next, a new user for Cross Domain Connection needs to be created.

The documentation states this should be a virtual user – i.e. one that shouldn’t access the domain other than to communicate across domains. This needs to be added to the CrossdomainConnectors group.

To allow the user to connect to the other domain in this configuration, we need to create a new credential mapping in the second domain.

and then we add detail of the user that we created.

and then we add detail of the user that we created.

As I said before, these steps need to be repeated on both domains. Once this is done, Cross Domain security is configured for this user

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