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July 14, 2014

OSB/SOA 12c – first impressions.

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There appears to have been some changes to the install of OSB 12c.  Firstly, it’s no longer available as a product in it’s own right, but must be installed as part of the Business Process Management and SOA suite infrastructure. Basically all the products are being bundled together as much as possible.

Next, it’s no longer possible to have the JAVA_HOME within the same base directory as the main WLS/SOA/OSB domain. Well, you can, but only by using the -novalidation to prevent the validation of anything. For multiple version installs, this is a little problematic and will get messy.

If you are just interested in a development setup, then all is fine. You can grab you java version (installed in it’s own directory) and install the SOA quick start version which includes the base SOA/BPM/OSB products. There isn’t everything in here. It also includes jDeveloper.  OSB no longer uses Eclipse, but jDeveloper. There is also no individual download for the SOA plugin for jDeveloper, jdeveloper is bloated with plugins for everything you might need.

If you need more than the development system, then you are going to need access to eDelivery – something you need a license for. Previously, you would install WLS and then the additional product over the top of it. Now you’ll need a special version of WLS (the FMW Infrastructure install) that provides WLS with JRF and EM and Toplink developer. I can’t help but wonder if this isn’t a little confusing. It is a change that many won’t see coming.

Using jDeveloper with OSB actually looks like it will be great! at least the adapters and tying into the products won’t require complex exports and setup. I need to play with it first. The version on eDelivery comes as an iso file;

Any how, the install process for your production system from eDelivery is going to be

1) Oracle JDK 7 Update 55  – later versions are available; this is the minimal install level. java 8 appears not be supported yet.

2) Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c ( Infrastructure

3) Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c ( SOA Suite and Business Process Management

4) Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c ( Service Bus

5) Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c ( JDeveloper Studio  – Well if you are setting up a production system this shouldn’t be needed. For me, it is.

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