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August 13, 2014

Specifying Secured Foreign JMS destinations for the JMS transport in OSB 11g

Filed under: Computing,Oracle Service Bus — Tim @ 4:11 pm

If you are using a destination within the JMS proxy Service, the usual way of specifying the transport URL is is


Most of the time this works without issue

The problem comes if you are using a foreign JMS destination that uses credentials within the connection factory specified onĀ  WLS. The URL given about ignores the credentials and tries to connect without authentication. There are a couple of errors that could occur.

If a Foreign JMS connection factory includes the credentials to connect to the JMS destination, then the JMS transport should not supply the host:port and should be written in the following manner.


Please note, this means that OSB will always check locally for the connection details, so you cannot host the Foreign JMS Server on a different WLS server.

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